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Its all a bit embarrassing having to tell people how good you are. We’re British for goodness sake – we don’t do it well. So maybe it’s best to leave that to some of the people that we have worked with.

Mark Shayler has worked with Coca-Cola for some time now. We like to bring Mark into the projects that need imagination, creativity and enthusiasm, all things he brings with him to any project. His level of excitement in creative sessions is contagious and he is a great speaker, which makes him perfect to lead ideation groups and creative thought sessions. His visual work too is excellent with all of his presentations creating great impact to bring concepts and ideas to life. His greatest gift though is collaboration and I would not hesitate to add him to any team, knowing he would bring value and impact to anything we asked him to do.
Chris Bowers, COCA COLA


Mark has this incredible ability to connect with people, tell them funny stories, make them comfortable and then challenge them about personal stuff without them even noticing. He’s a great speaker with lots of energy and can connect his life experience with anyone in the audience. He will definitely make people realize life is too short to get bored or comfortable, and it’s time to make a difference in the world. Come back and see us in Paris anytime Mark.
Bastien Renard, Marketing Director, Nike


Mark facilitated a great workshop for us at Samsung. His deep knowledge of the issues and opportunities for us within the sustainability, CSV and social space moved our thinking on very quickly. We’re now into the implementation phase. Mark added a lot to our ability to move things forward.
Luke Mansfield, Head of Product Innovation, Samsung Electronics Europe


I have worked with Mark in a variety of companies for 10 years now, during which time Mark has proved himself in all of the fields in which he was engaged to advise me and my colleagues on, including brand and strategy development, which, incidentally was presented to the Group Executive Committee. Following on from this presentation Mark was asked to provide Continual Professional Development training (CPD) to myself covering, in the main, sustainability issues which naturally extended into future business trends and resource criticality issues along with engaging senior management/ peers, customers and vendors. Over the years Mark has proved himself to be a first class mentor in all areas of business. His work with us has gone on to win a number of environmental awards.
Ken Simpson, RS Components


Thank you very much indeed for all your help with the brand, the workshop. Your knowledge and passion for what you do is inspirational and I look forward to working with you again very soon. The workshop was the best two days of my career – thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring. The workshop was one of the most interesting and potentially rewarding work related experiences I’ve had. And as a team has really moved us on to define our story and brand.
Mari Stevens, Head of Marketing . Pennaeth Marchnata, Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water


I have used Mark as a business coach and as a mentor on several occasions, and he has run training sessions and workshops for our marketing and design teams at Novatech’s headquarters here in Hampshire. I used Mark primarily to help us to understand and to develop commercially robust strategic planning skills, brand development techniques and marketing and communications expertise. Mark has an excellent way with people and quickly helped us – as a team – to successfully identify our own solutions to the problems we were trying to overcome. He has a refreshingly original and appealing style that effectively engaged a diverse group of staff and helped to re-establish a collective sense of self-confidence that we had been missing. His coaching techniques are clearly rooted in sound business acumen, and he always puts a strict focus on achieving commercially viable results, but his style is appealing and my team have enjoyed every one of his sessions. Mark was instrumental in helping Novatech to identify its central purpose and to re-focus our brand and our approach to communications, and it’s no coincidence that we have continued to grow and to prosper since working with him.
Tim LeRoy, Novatech


Mark Shayler is an ‘A Lister’ for us, and will remain so.
Pete Sammon, Haldex


Mark Shayler has worked with Hiut Denim and clients of the Do Lectures as a business coach. He has coached Directors at Hiut Denim in terms of manufacturing strategy and efficiency. He developed and delivered courses for the Do Lectures on business innovation, business strategy and disruption where Mark works on a one-to-one basis to coach attendees through specific challenges and blockages that they face within their business. Mark was one of six business leaders that developed a business each in four days at the last Do lectures in Wales. His insight, market awareness and business strategy skills are tip-top and I would heartily recommend him.
David Hieatt, Hiut Denim and The Do Lectures


We have worked with Mark on a number of creative projects to scope opportunities and stimulate new product development. Mark is very creative and has an impressive ability to see things from multiple perspectives and find opportunity where others see obstacles. His knowledge on environmental issues and in particularly green-myth busting has been really valuable to some of the work we have been doing. Working with Mark is both enjoyable and fruitful for all involved and I hope to have many more fruitful experiences in the future.
Gregory Bentley – Coca Cola


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mark as a keynote speaker on several of my shows. Mark’s mission “waking up the neighbours” on environmental packaging solutions/issues is brought in a non traditional, very direct way. His keynotes deliver the message, never a dull moment, always with a sense of humour and a maximum interaction. He’s able to catch and hold the attention of his audience getting them to the level of self-questioning resulting in culture change. He is a heavy hitter and always attracts a big audience with his “outside the box” way of looking at eco-packaging. Beside his professional qualities he’s a great personality!
Marc van den Maagdenberg, Group Exhibition Manager, Easyfairs Europe


We were privileged to have Mark speak our North East Recycling Forum annual conference, which brought to an end the 25th anniversary celebrations of the North East Recycling Forum.  We attracted exceptional high calibre speakers, at the top of their game in the waste sector, Mark’s presentation was the highlight. On every feedback form Mark was rated as “Excellent”, in at least one case with double ticks to emphasise just how good his presentation was.  In conversation after the event, delegates described his presentation as;


 His presentation appeared to be entirely spontaneous but his slides, which were themselves brilliantly simple, dovetailed seamlessly into his narrative and illustrated his points perfectly.  One delegate commented that she felt she had been watching a naturally talented performer who completely understood his subject and his audience.  We would have no hesitation in recommending Mark as a speaker to audiences with any interest in designing for the environment.
The North East Recycling Forum Executive


I’ve been wanting Mark to come and talk at our annual DEVELOP3D LIVE since I first saw him present at the Do Lectures. He struck me as an engaging speaker that could talk passionately about not only the world of sustainabillity, but also designers and engineers role in the greater world. This year, we were delighted that Mark would come and speak and it seems that amongst the 1,300 strong audience, his presentation on Design as a super power was not only one of the most popular from this year’s event, but one which many have cited as inspirational for their professional practice and its role. To be honest, I’m hoping he’ll agree to come back and speak next year. 

People want more of Mark’s wisdom and wit… and his shoes.

Al Dean, Editor in Chief, DEVELOP3D Magazine

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