Disruptive Innovation

It may be another contender for corporate lingo bingo but purposeful disruption matters.

Every company wants to be disruptive. I wrote a book called Do Disrupt and I’m sick of the D word. But hold on, purposeful disruption is good.  In a world where one or two players control the majority of each market (apart from the bit where the new, cool companies sit) there is less space to play. There is greater need to think differently and execute fast. If this is disruption then I’m in. The truth is that most big companies are scared of the little disruptive ones and the little disruptive ones aren’t scared of anyone. They know the market best as they are closest to the ground.

I work with companies like Coca-Cola, Unilever, Fenwick, HS2, and Bombay Sapphire to help them think differently, to help them stay ahead of the competition. We do this by having an ear to the ground and staying relevant. Yes we have processes and systems to help this along; and yes we run sprints, hacks, agile workshops and co-design sessions; but it’s our emotional intelligence, thefact we don’t think like others and our proximity to the edge that brings the magic. I’ve worked with over 1000 companies and introduced new products and services, helped companies float on AIM, developed new business models, new ways of building, and wrote a colour-by-numbers DIY guide to disruption “Do Disrupt: Change the status quo or become it” (details here).


How do you help one of the best companies in the world? It’s a tough gig. Especially when they're one of your favourites. I had to go in and wake up the marketing team of Nike Europe with some disruptive thinking. It worked.  Nike said "Mark has this incredible ability to connect with people....he's a great speaker with lots of energy ... definitely make people realize its time to make a difference in the world".

Do Disrupt

I've been disrupting things for 40 years. Starting at age 10 when I took the entire school out on strike over the quality of school dinners. I've continued to disrupt: businesses, people, markets. I've written a DIY guide to disruption. Part business book, part ‘give yourself a kick in the pants’ book it is has helped thousands of people move forwards. People have said some lovely things - check out the Amazon reviews. Even the mighty Jonathon Porritt said "serious and reflective at its heart...give in to its cheek and charm - you won't regret it", and Mary Portas said it was one of two books she keeps beside her bed. It made me wonder what the other one was.

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