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Brand, brand, brand. It can all get a bit much when even your slippers have a story. We start with purpose, with why and we build your brand on solid rock, on meaning.

We live in a weird world. A world where brand assets are worth more than physical assets. A world where we trust corporations more than we trust governments. Branding and communicating a difference is central to modern business strategy, but it also sounds like a load of wordy gobbledy gook sometimes. This all starts with purpose, with a “why?”. We specialise in getting to the purpose or why of your business. Once we understand that, we help tell your story. But you have to mean it, brand isn’t a new set of clothes, a new suit of armour; brand is the real you. It is at your heart, it is your purpose. We work with companies to provoke, poke and tease out their brand purpose. We then work to articulate it.

We’ve worked with companies like Kier, Fenwick, Welsh Water,  Brother, and Gentoo to better define and communicate what they do. We help them tell their story. We don’t invent stories, but we do make them shine.

Making things better and making better things podcast

A decade or so ago now I said It's not sufficient to do things better, we need to do better things.  This phrase has followed me around. I firmly believe it. I wanted to dig a little deeper here, I wanted to spend time talking to those people that are striving to do things better and to do better things. So I started a podcast series. It is embryonic but already there are a couple of glistening insights from each recording. This is an infrequent series. When I record something I'll release it. Let me know if you enjoy it. Let me know if you know someone who should be included. More soon.


We worked with Brother to develop their Brother Earth brand. With our partners Origin we ran a workshop that developed their Brother Earth identity and also developed a broader brand story. This was inspired by the realisation that start-up clothing brands use Brother machines. Design agencies use Brother printers. Writers have used Brother typewriters for years. Brother are the creator's creator. And you thought they just made printers.

Welsh Water

We worked with Welsh Water to tease out their story and communicate it better. They are a great company. A company owned by it's customers. A company who work with magic. The magic of two gases forming a liquid. The magic of the water cycle. The magic of life. The magic of making things better. We ran a two-day intensive workshop with our partner David Hieatt to tell a story that makes you cry. They loved it. We loved it. We love them. They make the world a better place. Welsh Water loved it. This is what they said: "The workshop was the best two days of my career - thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring.....has really moved us on to define our story and brand".

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