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2 December 2014

Posted by Mark 8 years ago


You’re the sporty, sciencey one….

You're the sporty, sciencey one....

David Hieatt talks about the distinguishing features of the "creative" in a poster for Hiut Denim (see image). He's right as usual. And creativity doesn't have to involve thick-rimmed glasses either. Being told that I wasn't the 'creative' one when I was about ten stopped me drawing, playing, being 'arty' for ten years. I was the science and sporty one after all. Who told Leonardo da Vinci to choose between art and science? No one. Because they are the same thing. And they both drive creativity. We're all creative, it's just that some of us were told we weren't. And so we repeat the mantra, trapping ourselves in a mindset of "probable" rather than "possible".

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