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14 May 2015

Posted by Mark 8 years ago


Well do ya, do you do ya wanna?

Well do ya, do you do ya wanna?

23 days to go until Do Wales.

If something tells you 'I should go.'

That's your instinct talking.

It is telling you 'Great things don't come from comfort zones.'

'It is telling you 'is this it?' is not a question you can keep asking yourself.

It is telling you have not reached your most possible.

Some people can settle for where they are.

But not everyone can do that.

Some have to keep pushing, keep learning, keep challenging themselves.

For some 'Think Different' is more than just a tag line. It is an approach to life that is fed by doing different.

Do I go?

Do I defer?

I will leave that to your instinct.

Hope to see you around the camp fire at 4am.
Do Lectures Wales.
June 04-07

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