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1 December 2014

Posted by Mark 8 years ago


We are not for everyone, just the sexy people.

We are not for everyone, just the sexy people.

A few weeks ago I ran my first event. I speak at events all the time. I’ve run them with partners, lots. But this was the first time I’d done one just as me. It was a biggie too. I was lucky to get artist, designer and mentor James Victore at the back-end of a trip from the States. James is an amazing designer. His work in in MoMa. He’s partnered some of the most incredible brands.

So in a scruffy Pop-up space on Oxford Street in London we brought a bit of Brooklyn magic to the UK. We added food from the Hare Krishnas, coffee from Exmouth Coffee, and enthusiasm, laughter and learning. James was brilliant. The event worked. We will be doing more.

Photo credit: Leonora Oppenheim.

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