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24 June 2021

Posted by Mark 2 years ago


Try now. Don't look down. Ride fast.

Try now. Don’t look down. Ride fast.

I’ve always loved cycling. I learnt to ride without stabilisers before my 4th birthday. I had a Raleigh Pavemaster and I bombed around the paths at our Radburn estate in Coventry. I cycled loops. The inside stabiliser wore-out faster than the outside one. To the point that it wasn’t stabilising me. In-fact it was destabilising me. I thought it was helping when it wasn’t. I worked it out when I had to corner the other way and couldn’t lean as far. As soon as it registered why I slowed down, I started to wobble. I rocked from the worn-out stabiliser to the other one. I rocked some more. I slowed down further. I rocked even more now and tried to steer or at least regain my balance by steering. No joy. I stopped. My Dad came out to ask if I was okay. I explained what was going on. He got his spanners and took off both stabilisers.

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