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8 March 2015

Posted by Mark 8 years ago


There is always Hope

There is always Hope

I'm reading yesterday's paper. It's depressing. Isis. Climate change. Russia. Financial insecurity. Connected?  Possibly. It's hard to listen to the radio. I have to turn it off in the mornings as I don't want to scare the kids. We live in a horrible era. Hopefully a short, horrible era. Where the pursuit of profit ignores system collapse. Where we rush to define ourselves by what we own rather than what we believe. Where consumption is leisure. Where ignorance is rife (and bliss). 

How do we get up in the morning? How do we stay motivated? Sometimes I struggle with this. But we have to. The alternative is to become semi-conscious. Unconscious even. 

I like Banksy. He gets it right. 

There is always hope. 

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