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16 December 2014

Posted by Mark 8 years ago


Hot Smoky Bastard

I was looking at instagram posts from my favourite antipodean foodie - wholelarderlove. Rowan had posted photos of smoked chillies he was using for a chilli sauce. Hmmm I thought, I've got some chillis. And a smoker. A few hours later i'd made some sauce. I bottled it. I came up with a brand and a strap line. I gave it away. People liked it. I made some more. They liked that. I made some more. My mates at Fieldwork in Manchester made me a website - And now I'm in the sauce business.

In her do lecture Tina Roth Eisenberg (@swissmiss) stresses the importance of side-projects. That's how she created tattly. I agree. This has been fun. I have no idea where it will lead. Next I plan to sauce-bomb some great cafes in London and leave a few bottles knocking around.

So, that idea that's been hibernating in the corner of your mind - dig it out, dust it down. Give it a go. The side course could become the main course. Breathe life into it.


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