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24 December 2014

Posted by Mark 8 years ago



Yesterday was the 90th day of not drinking in a 90 day challenge. I'm so bloody competitive that when David Hieatt challenged me to 90 days of no alcohol, no sugar (failed), in bed before 10 each night, no screens after 9 or before 8 - I had no choice but to accept.

Some learnings: 1) I slept loads better. I don't drink shit loads but I was guilty of having a drink to "send me off" some nights. Taking the alcohol away gave me significantly longer and better sleep. Twinned with being in bed before 10 this had a big impact on my levels of energy and opportunities for "canoodling". 2) sugar is like crack. It's a fucker to give up. It's in everything and although I cut down I'm clearly addicted to the evil white powder. I'm going to nail that one in January. 3) I was drinking beer when I was thirsty and drinking wine when I was stressed. Now I drink water, do some yoga, go for a run. 4) giving up screens (mainly social media, mainly instagram) after 9 and before 8 was unbelievably tough. I feel dreadful typing that but I need to have a proper word with myself about reflections and self-perception. I am great, I don't need "likes" to prove it. 5) Brew Dog Nanny State is the best alcohol-free beer. 6) I really enjoyed the challenge. I love rules, I didn't realise how much I need rules but it's there, I do. Constraint is good. Restraint is empowering. 7) I felt loads better. Genuinely bubbling with energy. 8) relative to last year I had fewer colds. This may be a coincidence of course but I'll take it.

Now, here's my problem: what do I do now? I missed a glass of red maybe six times in the 90 days. I will break my fast with a glass later. But I reckon I'll go dry again after Christmas. But my main challenge is to beat that fucker sugar. It's an evil one.


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