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6 November 2014

Posted by Mark 9 years ago




It’s that time of year again. The time when I get to spend a week in California helping out at the Do Lectures. It’s a great week. I meet people I couldn’t have met anywhere else. I do things I wouldn’t have otherwise done. I get up early for yoga (this isn’t easy, I’m a big man that doesn’t fold up neatly), I laugh into the night. Yes I miss the kids. Yes it costs me lots in turned-down work. Yes I’m not great with jet lag heading west. Yes I return feeling that there are better places to live than the UK. But I love it the guys at do lectures USA are amazing. The wine is perfect. The food this year has been extraordinary. I ran my first bread workshop yesterday and we made savoury twists for over 100 people. I’m still learning. But loving doing it.

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