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20 March 2015

Posted by Mark 8 years ago


A Beautiful Constraint

A Beautiful Constraint

Adam Morgan doesn't consider himself a leader. He just thinks he's been lucky to have a great team around him for most of his career. I spoke to Adam last night at the launch of his new book "A Beautiful Constraint". He's right, he does have a great team around him- but that's precisely because he's a great leader. Being a leader isn't about shouting a lot (that's being a bully), or managing people (that's being a manager, and we've got enough of those); it's about inspiring others to do their best, leading by example, and having vision. 

I've worked with lots of agencies over the last 20 years. Agencies that just want to sell more shit. Agencies that are happy to work with companies pedalling harm. Agencies that are full of people talking bollocks (this appears endemic). I've worked with some dreadful leaders too. The invisible ones. The shouty ones. The sly ones. They all lacked integrity. Adam is a great leader - maybe because he doesn't see himself as one. It takes a great leader to attract the best talent. It takes a great leader to inspire, to change businesses, to evolve with purpose. 

He also writes a mean book. Embrace constraint, it's when you're at your most creative. 

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