Positive Disruption

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Business has long avoided disruption, seeing it as a problem. Now disruption is welcomed.

We used to avoid disruption. It changes things. It takes us on detours. It takes our mind off the ball. But recently we have begun to embrace disruption. To love the unruly child that asked difficult questions, ran when others walked and took the teacher off on a tangent. Disruption is now the cool kid that everyone wants to invite to their party.

Sir Ian Cheshire said “if you don’t disrupt your business model then someone else will”. Mark has been gently disrupting for years. He has worked with over 1000 companies and has introduced new products and services, helped companies float on AIM, developed new business models, new ways of building, and has written a colour-by-numbers DIY guide to disruption “Do Disrupt: Change the status quo or become it” (details here). We work with some big companies (no, even bigger than that) to disrupt what they do in ways that generate more income, do less harm and ensure they will be here in 20 years time. This is positive disruption, not disarray. In a world that is trying to define capitalism 2.0, in a world where larger organisations are struggling, in a world where the balance of power is shifting eastwards Positive Disruption may be our last hope.

Get in touch if you’d like:

a disruptive-kick-in-the-pants presentation;

a one-day Positive Disruption course in your workplace;

attendance on one of my Do Lectures Do Disruption courses, or;

a Positive Disruption programme inside your business that will create world-beating intrapreneurship ideas. See www.rebelcell.co for more details.


How do you help one of the best companies in the world? It’s a tough gig. Mark was tasked with adding some disruption to the thinking of the European marketing team. He presented to the team in Paris and left them refreshed, inspired, entertained and fired up. Part stand-up act, part innovation, all disruption. Nike said "Mark has this incredible ability to connect with people....he's a great speaker with lots of energy ... definitely make people realize its time to make a difference in the world".

Do Disrupt

Mark has been disrupting things for 35 years. He started at 10 when he took the entire school out on strike over the quality of school dinners. He’s continued to disrupt: businesses, people, markets. He has written a DIY guide to disruption. Part business book, part ‘give yourself a kick in the pants’ book it is has helped thousands of people move forwards.People have said some lovely things - check out the Amazon reviews. Even the mighty Jonathon Porritt said "serious and reflective at its heart...give in to its cheek and charm - you won't regret it".

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